Editor’s welcome message:

Tetyana Zhang, Fribourg University

The NESS project (Non-Equilbrium Social Sciences) is an European Coordination Project that aims for a new theoretical approach that can challenge the mainstream economics. Prof. Yi-Cheng Zhang is the Coordinator and together with his international colleagues, they decided to take the challenge seriously, and to make great impacts in the world.

One of the main task is to write a full length book detailing the new theory, UF (University of Fribourg) team’s main task is to compile and edit this book. Under the terms with EU sponsors, during the period NESS project is active, the on-going book (by now 95% of its content is finished) will be made publicly available to all and to make its impact as wide as possible.

This book presents a big challenge also in editorial matters. Prof. Zhang has cumulated research for this book since about 15 years, there are about 2000 references and footnotes, and some are outdated and some new versions come out later and must be added.

I’m the only one in the NESS project people who have a MBA in economics, and while I’m very supportive of NESS’s ambitious goals and their potential impacts, but I feel scientists sometimes have limited understanding of current economic literature, therefore my editorial work hopefully will bring a role of cross-checking for the facts, data, and omitted literature.

The NESS project is near its end (31.12.2014), and after the project-end this website will remain open and updated for at least one more year. So the readers can still send their feedbacks, questions, and suggestions to the author or the editor.

I thank many people who helped me in one way or another in my task, for example Prof. Shang Mingsheng is doing translation of this book, and Mr Xiao Rui helps to maintain the server, and many other friends who helped coordinating workshops in China for the dissemination effort for this book.

Tetyana, September 30, 2014

Brief about me:
Tetyana Zhang-Borovykova

  • 2007 Bachelor in economics, Cognitive knowledge in information economics, University of Fribourg
  • 2009 MBA in economics, Human resources and knowledge economy
  • 2009-2011 UEFA, Assistant to the Director
  • 2012-2014 NESS (Non-Equilibrium Social Sciences) project collaborator, editor for the NESSBOOK and its related literature research and compilation. Business data verification and database management.

It's funny that this is an EU project for social sciences with 7 teams of Natural scientists and I seem to be the only one holding degrees in economics. These scientists have many bright ideas, but I need constantly remind them don't look down at economists, we may be not successful but vast literature in economics you should not ignore, be careful the physicists!